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Teacher Training Program

Talk2Moi® is also a community of teachers that help each other to create the best classes for our students! 

Teach French

for all

You are french native, fluent in english and would like to become a freelancer through teaching french but you don’t like conventional approach and would like to try something new ? Come and try with us! 

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Teacher training program

Be a Teacher with Us


We are interested in building a community of teachers to collaborate with. We do not hire teachers, but we are creating opportunities for future language teachers.

We believe in creating opportunities that are fulfilling, flexible and worth your time and effort. 

talk2moi® teacher program

From Anywhere

You can work from anywhere as long as you have a good laptop and internet connection.

It’s easy and simple to become a Teacher of your native Language. No qualifications and experience required, just passion and shared visions.

Be Your Own Boss

You are responsible for yourself, your schedules and clients and accountability.

You will be directly in touch with your students and have a chance to build long term connections with your students.

Follow the Training and Receive the Best Curriculum

The methodology is provided along with training. Our methodology is tested and has received overwhelming positive feedback.

We take care of the social media marketing and branding to find clients for you. We will teach you our secret to find students. 

Talk2Moi® Teacher's Community

You can be part of our team and grow with us. We help each other to get better, share clients, and create together the best methodology. 

Meet people from around the world who share the same passion about learning languages and cultures.

You will have plenty of opportunities to use your creativity in making the teaching experience more unique and fun.


How it works

1. Fill the form

2. Contact Laurine Gely

3. Send your CV to

4. Have an interview with Laurine to make sure you are fit for this job. 

5. Sign the contract 

6. Start the training, adjust for each person. 

Whatsapp Laurine Gely      +60 17 325 62 33

4 months Training

1 Month Training Class : Once a week theory classes (7 Classes – 1h30) & observation of classes. Learn how to teach French, the softwares, Talk2Moi’s curriculum, how to be the best teacher with the best attitudes and how to be a freelancer in France. 

2-3 months Observation, follow the french classes and slowly slowly start to lead classes.

Program Fee : 800€ (Possibility to pay in 3 times) 

Coming : learn an other language with Talk2Moi®‘s Teachers. 

20% commissions

Pay 20% commissions from all yours french Classes. 

Be on the website, have an interface, social media base, group support 1h weekly and a lesson already prepare though Talk2Moi® curriculum. 


15% commissions

Pay only 15% commissions by helping us:

Create Contents (video, social media posts, etc…)

Bring 2 new teachers in 1 year

After 3 years, become a Teacher Trainer. 

marine testimonials

"The training with Laurine was smooth and accessible. She takes the time to show and explain, she is always patient and always has a sens of humour. We become comfortable with the tools (zoom, canva, typing, .... ) and start leading the class in a joyful way at the same time, following the language activities that are all ready-to-use."

+60 17 325 6233