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Talk2Moi® is a language online school that teaches in a natural way through meaningful activities.

Talk2Moi® is taking care of you!

We provide the most innovative solution to acquire French Language online.

Learn French effortlessly from the comfort of your home! 

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Acquire French as organically as babies learn to speak! 

The Natural Approach

Inspired by The Natural Approach by Stephen Krashen and Tracy Terrell, our goal is to foster naturalistic and intuitive language acquisition in a stress-free environment.

We advise the student to listen as much as they can of the target language. We focus in the class on the pronunciation and learning new vocabulary though activities using different senses. 

The rigidity of the conventional approach which focuses on grammar makes it difficult to be able to talk. Talk2Moi focuses on communication rather than form and structure. With few words, people can understand you, even if it’s not grammatically correct. 

Our priority is to keep your motivation high, thus have fun and enjoy the classes. 


Psychomotor education is a holistic approach to learning and therapy. It supports and aids an individual’s personal development and expands learning capacities through the process of learning how to learn.

In university, Laurine Gély had extensive experience in conducting therapy programs for children and adults with special needs. 

She knows how to create a safe, relaxed and fun space for anyone to enjoy and explore their full potential.

Thus, more than being your passionate teacher, we become your friend and care about your well-being. More you are relaxed and present and more you can make your classes efficient. 

Our main focus is to bring more self-confidence, autonomy and having fun during the session. 

Summary of the Natural Approach by Dr Krashen and Dr Terrell. 


The secrets of learning a new language | Lýdia Machová 



The Neuroscience of Language


How To Learn Any Language in 6 Months | Chris Lonsdale

Chris Lonsdale, is a psychologist, linguist and educator that studies how normal adults can learn a new language quickly, easily and effectively ? 

After 20 years research and learning mandarin in 6 month, this is how he teaches us how to expand our limits.

First, talent and immersing yourself in the country doesn’t work. 


The 5 Principles  : 

  1. Focus on the language that is relevant for you.
  2. Use your New Language as a Tool to Communicate From Day 1. 
  3. When you first understand the message, you will unconsciously acquire the language
  4. Language learning is not about knowledge, it’s about psychological training. 
  5. Psycho-physiological State Matters. If you are in an emotional state, you will not learn anything. You need to be happy and relax to learn well. Be okay to not be perfect and understand perfectly. Learn to read inside the lines. 

7 Actions for Rapid Language Acquisition :

  1. Listen a lot “brain Soaking” 
  2. Get the meaning first, not the words. 
  3. Start mixing and play around. 
  4. Focus on the core, on the most communs words. 
  5. Get a language parents. There are 4 rules for the language parents that are to work to work to understand what you are saying. He shouldn’t correct your mistakes. He confirms understanding by using correct language and he uses words the learner knows. 
  6. Observe the speaker how they move the face when they talk and copy it.
  7.  “Direct Connect” to Mental Images 

How Do We Use It In Our Classes ? 

With Talk2Moi, we make sure that your psycho-physiological state is favorable to learning acquisition. We can ajuste the class depending emotional states.

We created activities that focus on what is the most relevant, meaningful and useful to you. 

We give you a list of references to make sure you have a great “brain soaking”. 

We encourage you to play around, guess words, make mistakes, focus on the core and also help you to create “direct connection” to Mental Images. 

As the teachers, we followed the 4 rules of language parents. 

What they say

Students Testimonials

Laurine is one of the best teacher I've had — always smiling, (incredibly!) patient and she genuinely cares about her student's progress. Talk2moi classes are highly structured and easy to understand. I'm excited for classes every week and look forward to growing with Laurine.
I love Laurine's teaching style and fun energy! She makes learning French engaging and feel like a conversation with your friends rather than sitting in a lecture copying notes. I have learned more French from her in 5 classes than I have in a year in other classes. My Teacher is excellent, always so bright and happy, and really does a wonderful job teaching!
As an American immigrant to France, with no French language skills, I have taken lessons from several sources. This is far and above the best. I enjoy it, super organized, I like the way the lessons build upon the prior lessons.

talk2moi®'s founder

The Founder

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Laurine Gély

French Teacher & Founder of Talk2Moi®
Psychomotor-Therapist Degree (ISRP PARIS) 2016
French Teacher at Myteacherlanguage, Language Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2020
Founded Talk2Moi®, 2020


Laurine Gély was born and raised in Provence, South of France. She dived into the art of teaching naturally. As a fresh high school graduate, she wanted to help those who are less fortunate and she decided that teaching something meaningful will be her path to help others. She graduated with Bachelor of Science and furthered her study in a psychomotricity institute in Paris for 3 years. 

In pursuit of perspective as to how she could effectively use her qualification to cause more positive impact, Laurine travelled the world for 4 years, passing through India and settled for 3 years around South-East Asia.  

The more she was exposed to different cultures and languages, the more she came to appreciate her own. Laurine has always been enthusiastic about exchanging cultures and languages with the people she met in her travels. She acquired English and basic Indonesian along her journey. 

After some years gaining experience through travelling, she realised her passion in teaching French language and culture and saw a way to make psychomotricity and language learning go hand in hand. She is also passionate about the psychology, brain capacity, neuroscience and how to help anyone being the most efficient and smart.

talk2moi®'s teachers

Choose Your Teachers

All Talk2Moi®’s Teachers are trained with using the Talk2Moi® curriculum with excellent standards. 

Our philosophy of language learning is a big part of what makes our teachers amazing.

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Laurine Gély

French Teacher & Founder

Laurine Gély is the founder and a senior teacher of Talk2Moi® French online classes.

+60 17 325 6233


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Marine Philibert

French Teacher

Marine is a French teacher with Talk2Moi®. She is native from Lyon and lives in Malaysia. 

+60 16 272 70 61


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