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“Learning a new language is opening ourself to a new way of thinking.” Laurine Gély, Talk2Moi®’s Co-Founder & French Teacher

What we do

We provide the most innovative solution to efficient French language-learning

Talk2Moi® provides a safe, relaxed and fun place to acquire French with passionate teachers. We have a unique curriculum based on the natural approach, neuroscience and psychomotricity.

Inspiring Methodology

Our holistic approach to language-learning is based on what you will need the most. 

All the subjects are meaningful, practical and interesting, which will guide you to speak French like a native.

Passionate Teachers

Our teachers are competent, kind, patient and fun. They will make you feel comfortable and encourage you in your progress. 

You will be able to choose your teachers who are personally trained by Laurine Gély.

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Acquire French Stress-Free

Acquire French naturally rather than learning and memorising which may overwhelm students. Let French speak through you and you will speak French in no time!

Virtual Classroom Community Learning

We encourage our students to participate with group classes to learn French as a community. Exchanging conversations with your classmates will inspire you to speak better French.

We Make it FUN

With the use of many supporting media like music, movies and videos, we make our classes more fun and interactive while learning. We aim to make your learning process passionate.

Safe Space

Our classes are set in a safe, playful space where students can explore speaking French without worrying about making mistakes because one has to make necessary mistakes in order to move forward.

Unique curriculum

Imagine leaning French through real life situation, practical and meaningful activities. Interactive and friendly classes with an tailor-made curriculum. You will learn everything that is needed if you travel or move to France. In advance courses, you will learn about French culture and travel all around France.

Be confident! in Laurine’s French Class 

Students Testimonials, Laurine’s French Class 

Students Testimonials, Laurine’s French Class 


Students Feedback, Laurine’s French Class 


What They Say

Very Engaging and we all learn a lot. I love my classmates. The environment is very supporting and we sure laugh a lot!
Talk2moi is such a great way to learn French! Laurine is the best, she is very knowledgable and organised, and makes every lesson so fun. She is a joy to work and learn from. I look forward to my lesson every week!
The classes were very dynamic and encouraging. The topics for discussion and learning were each very interesting and suited my needs very well. I was able to integrate the lessons in my everyday life which helped with my comprehension and gave me the ability to connect with native French speakers. The classes were just right for my level of comprehension and they were fun.

What we offer

1hr Structured or Conversation Class weekly – From 12€/h

1hr weekly  – Intermediate to Advance Level – 12€/h

1hr Structured or Conversation Class weekly – From 18€/h

1Hr class, once or twice weekly –         From 40€/h

2 to 4 kids / 45min French Class to be introduce to the French language in a natural way.

1Hr class, once or twice weekly – From 35€/h


It’s 5 classes Program of 1 Hour each, once or twice weekly. 

Choose mini-group, couple or individual classes. 


Learn French Basics in a Friendly and Fun environment.

You want to experience the reel things and know some French Basics to communicate with the locals, come join the classes. 

From individual class, to couple or mini-group, have fun playing a lot of role play where you learn how to order at the bakery, drinks, food and buy souvenirs, have a mini conversation with French locals, to make your Trip even more meaningful.

visit france and talk french with locals

Travel to Laurine's hometown and experience

Leaning a new language is not just about attending classes — learning the culture is a big part of making you a fluent speaker.

Laurine Gély’s family is welcoming guests to their home to exchange culture, cuisine and a wholesome holiday in Provence. It’s also a perfect opportunity to put your French speaking to the test!

Best Movies / Series on Netflix

  • “Lupin”, crime/policier/drama
  • “dix pour cent” or ‘Call My Agent!’: humorous show in Paris
  • Plan Coeur or The Hook Up Plan :  Comedy / Romance
  • Chef’s Table : Documentary Cooking
  • Au Service de la France / A Very Secret Service : Comedy/Spy
  • Le Bazar de la Charité (The Bonfire of Destiny) is a French drama & historical miniseries

Best Songs / Podcast

  • Arte Radio
  • FrenchPod101
  • Coffee break French
  • News in Slow French
  • France Culture

Online Book

Boukili : Story all level (From beginner to advance)

You Tube Channel

  • Easyfrench – Interview in the Street with Subtitles 
  • French Fairy Tales – With English Subtitles
  • Comptines et chansons
  • Français Authentique (French Rules, Grammar) 
  • Projet Voltaire (French Expression and spelling) 

talk2moi® teacher Training program

Work from anywhere

Travel around the world, be your own boss, work at your own time and love your job!

Be yourself

No qualifications and experience required, just passion and shared visions.

Train to teach with the best curriculum

The methodology is provided along with training. Our methodology is tested and has received overwhelming positive feedback.


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